The Debate between Boiled and Baked Bagels

by Rob Sutter
When it comes to the most favored of breakfast foods, attention should be given to bagels. Not only are they easy enough to pick up at various bakeries and delis but they can be prepared in quite a few ways. Of course, their distinct tastes and textures will differ depending on where you live, which can be said about other foods as well. Regardless, as of late, my attention was brought to a particular debate concerning bagels and the methods utilized to prepare them.

To put it simply, there seems to be a bit of contention when it comes to boiled bagels versus baked bagels. While you may not think that there's much of a difference between these two methods, there are a few distinctions to keep in mind.

The easy question to ask would be, "What's better: boiled or baked bagels?" The answer to said question, however, is difficult to arrive at regardless of how much time is spent at culinary colleges around the world. Bagels, just like any type of food, hinge on preference. If you like a certain method of bagel preparation, that doesn't necessarily mean that your best friend will share your viewpoint.

Let's say that you are the kind of person who enjoys a bagel that has a chewier exterior. You may find it softer to eat and, as a result, easier to enjoy in terms of taste and texture alike. Keep in mind that the more that boiling is done, in regards to bagels, the thicker the crust itself will prove to be. This will also help you to enjoy the product more, depending on where you stand within the baked vs. boiled debate. Regardless, the best boiled bagels are given enough time to boil, according to culinary schools in California, such as the Art Institute of California in Sacramento.

When it comes to baked bagels, though, there is definitely more of a crisp to be had. It's easy enough to bite into the bagel and enjoy the flavors as if the product had just come out of the oven, which is the sign of near-perfect baking. They seem to be lighter, in this sense, which means that you do not necessarily get as much dough, compared to boiled bagels, as you take a bite. However, it seems like there are many people who enjoy these. Much like pastries of the highest degrees, baked bagels seem to be lighter, which is why it's understandable that many people prefer them.

Do you stand, one way or another, when it comes to the ways bagels are prepared? As stated earlier, this is a matter of preference, so one choice isn't necessarily going to be better than another. What matters is what you are inclined to utilize, so grab your favorite ingredients and enjoy.

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